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Recital 2024

Recital Cheat Sheet 

When is the recital?: June 8th and 9th at Chanhassen High School 

Recreational recital times: Please look for your class to find your recital time

June 8, 10:30am (red show):  Twinkle Tots – Sat 9:00am, Twinkle Toes – Mon 5:35pm, Twinkle Stars – Mon 6:15pm, Shining Stars – Mon 4:45pm, Hip hop Stars – Mon 6:20pm, Shooting Stars – Mon 7:00pm


June 9, 12:00pm (green show): Twinkle Tots – Tues 4:30pm, Twinkle Toes – Wed 5:45pm, Twinkle Stars – Tues 5:30pm, Twinkle Stars – Wed 6:25pm, Hippity Hop – Tues 5:00pm, Shining Stars – Tues 6:10pm, Hip hop Stars – Tues 7:00pm


June 9, 2:30pm (blue show):  Twinkle Tots – Sat 9:30am, Twinkle Toes – Sat 10:00am, Twinkle Stars – Thurs 5:30pm, Twinkle Stars – Thurs 6:10pm, Twinkle Stars – Sat 10:40am, Shining Stars – Thurs 6:50pm, Show Stars – Thurs 7:40pm, Boys Hip Hop – Thurs 4:30pm


For picture dates, dress rehearsal, and recital times, and costume information 

Recital Tickets:

Tickets will be sold through an online ticket company called Tutu Tix. Tickets are $18 for recreational shows (red, green & blue shows). A link to order tickets will be sent in May.


Recital Souvenirs
Recital souvenirs are a popular tradition for your child’s dance recital experience. You can order pre-order a special surprise for your dancer at recitals! 

All pre-ordered recital souvenirs will be ready for pickup at the designated table in the lobby area at recitals.


Recital Package:

We have a recital package that offers the most value for our families, while covering the expenses of bringing a full size production stage. Included in your Recital package will be: A digital download of the whole performance, a recital tee shirt for your dancer, a recital program for each guest, and live stream for your family and friends. 

Recital T-shirt form: 

Recital Trophy Form: 


Location: Chanhassen High School 

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2200 Lyman Blvd Chanhassen, MN 55317

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