Safer Studio Policy  - February 5, 2022

Masks: We are highly recommending Masks for everyone in the dance studio. Our teachers are mindful of the dancers’ comfort level while dancing in masks and will allow for more frequent water breaks and socially distant mask breaks to make this temporary transition more comfortable for our dancers.


Lobby area and front desk: Our lobby is currently open to ONE parent per dancer for children ages 6 years and under. We highly recommend dropping off your dancer & picking them up after class. Even with one parent per dancer, our viewing area could get congested, and we suggest waiting in your car. Our front desk is happy to assist with attire purchases, transactions, shoe fittings, etc. 

For parents with dancers ages 7+ please drop your child off at the front door and meet them at the front door for pick up. 

  • For the safety of our younger dancers, parents MUST escort their dancers to their entrance & exit door. We do not want our younger dancers walking alone to their parents' cars as our parking lot will be very busy.

  • Dancers are permitted to enter the building 5 minutes prior to the start of class. Teachers are aware of this and dancers will not be considered late for class if they enter the building at their class start time.

  • We anticipate a lot of cars in the parking lot. Parents MUST pull into a parking spot to wait for their dancer. For the safety of the dancers Please DO NOT wait in the parking lot drive-through area. 


  • Hand Sanitizer and Hand Washing: Dance Arts Centre will have hand sanitizer at the entrance and front desk. Dancers are encouraged to wash their hands frequently and carry hand sanitizer in their dance bags. 


  • Social Distancing: We will have adjusted many things in our classroom and will do as much as possible to avoid close contact. 


  • Deep Cleaning: Dance Arts Centre will be professionally cleaned/disinfected every night and the surfaces will also be disinfected through the day when dancers are in the studio. 


  • Staff: Only healthy staff members (without symptoms) will be present at Dance Arts Centre.


  • Exposure and Sick policy: Do not bring your child to class if they are coughing, sneezing, have a fever,
    stomach-ache, body aches, sore throat, chest congestion, diarrhea, vomiting, or any other illness. 

    • Do not bring your child to class if a family member is ill with any of the above symptoms

    • Alert us if your child does have COVID-19 and has been to the studio within the last 14 days.

    • Please also bring it to our attention if any family member is diagnosed with Covid-19.

    • If your dancer has had close contact, symptoms or tested positive for Covid-19, you are required to contact the studio director, Jill Rieken immediately at

Current mask zone - YELLOW

mask policy chart DAC.png