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Monthly Updates ~

Hello Parents and Dancers!

We have been eagerly anticipating the beginning of our new dance year! We are excited to be celebrating our 44th season. 

This year, we are preparing for the journey ahead as part of our vision to help our students achieve excellence in DANCE + LIFE. We believe at this time in history, that’s more important than ever before!

We love that dance meets imperative student needs for community, socialization, friendship, mentors, physical activity, and more! The benefits of dance include, but are not limited to: intellectual, academic, social-emotional, and physical support.  Wow, the benefits with bonus +!!!

We can’t wait to kick off the new year starting tomorrow, September 8th. So, whether you are taking your first class or preparing for your senior year, we say, “Welcome Home!” At DAC, you are family! 


Jill Rieken

Studio Director

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