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Adult only Pro Style classes taught by

Pam Gleason and Mollie Sylvestre,

two former NFL Cheerleaders.

Classes include a warm up (stretching & a little conditioning), learning choreography, and then dancing in groups.

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Mollie and Pam met in 2009 while cheering for the Minnesota Vikings Cheerleaders, where they both found a love for performing and pro style dance.

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Both having a passion for choreography and pro style dancing, Mollie and Pam decided to start Matrixx Pro classes in January 2017.

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New combos to high energy, fun music- Matrixx Pro classes are for those looking to just dance and get a good sweat!

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Mollie is known for her girly, feminine style. After training at the Brian Friedman intensive, she has a knack for heels class and bringing sassy style to the dance floor!

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Matrixx Class is a "no judgement zone" meaning this class is for YOU. Don't worry if you haven't danced in a few years. This is the place to come and JUST DANCE!

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Pam is known for her big, high-energy dance style. She loves rap music and the nitty-gritty style.

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