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DAC owner, Jill Rieken, takes a unique approach to dance education. Jill's philosophy is simple, "Character first."


She strongly believes that when students lay a foundation of perseverance, respect, and teamwork first, everything they attempt afterward, including the art of dance, is completed with excellence.

It is this philosophy that sets DAC dancers apart and sets them up for success for the rest of their lives.


DAC is not only a place where beautiful dancers are trained, it is also a place where students develop into young women and men of strong character. 

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Chanhassen, MN

Lindsey Eberhard

Lindsey began studying dance at 5 years old and her love of the art form has only grown over the years. Studying with established tap teachers; Mike Minery and Karen Callaway-Williams of Riverdance, Lindsey has extensive knowledge of the professional dance world. She also possesses a background in the areas instrumental and vocal music, theatre and modeling. Lindsey is known for her positive energy that she brings to her classes as she encourages her students to learn and grow.