Competition Team Program

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A program for the more serious dancer that focuses on building strong technique, learning team camaraderie, and improving performance skills!

The Dance Arts Centre competitive team program consists of 12 performing teams, ages pre-k through high school, ranging from intermediate to advanced dancers. 

If a dancer missed auditions, we do offer the option to have a private audition/evaluation. Please contact the front desk if this applies. 

Benefits of a competitive team


Healthy body & mind

Dancers will improve their physical health and gain energy through exercise and movement. Dancers will improve their minds through positive encouragement

 and accomplishments. 

Age Appropriate Music & Costumes

We are committed to providing dancers with age-appropriate music, choreography and costumes. Our instructors take this into consideration when planning for the year.


This is something all parents want for their kids. Through learning skills and 

accomplishing goals throughout the year, dancers will have a sense of pride and 

confidence, along with the ability to perform!

Building friendships

Dance friends are the best friends. The dancers will grow together and build

 team camaraderie. 

Technique & Dance Education

Our instructors are committed to building a strong foundation focused on 

technique. Not only will dancers learn dance skills and technique, but also 

professionalism and grace that will carry them through their dance journey! 

time commitment


Dance Arts Centre competitive team dancers are trained in multiple disciplines, and have the opportunity to train even further with classes, including:

  • Ballet

  • Jazz

  • Tap

  • Contemporary

  • Pointe

  • Lyrical

  • Hip hop

  • Musical theatre

  • Improv

  • Conditioning

  • Strength Training

4-5 year olds: 1 dances at 2 spring competitions, 2 dances at recital. Approximately 1 day per week, 1 hour  and optional 2nd day.

6-7 year olds:  2 dances at 3 spring competitions and recitals.  Approximately 2 days per week, 1-2 hours each day.  Additional optional classes also available.


8-9 year olds:  3 dances at 3 spring competitions and recitals.  Approximately 2 days required days per week, 4-5 hours per week. Additional optional classes also available.


10-11 year olds: 5 dances at 3 spring competitions and recitals.  Approximately 3 days per week, 4-6 hours per week.  Additional optional classes also available.


12+ year olds: 5 dances at 3 spring competitions and recitals.  Approximately 3 days per week, 6-8 hours per week.  Additional optional classes also available.



If you are interested on being part of one of our performing teams, please contact Jill at

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