How Auditions Will Work 


Audition Combination Videos - Posted on June 4- After you register your dancer for auditions, you will receive an invitation to join the 2020-2021 Audition Band. Videos of the audition combinations for each age group and style will be posted on the band on June 4th. These videos will feature a very slow breakdown of each count of the combination for your dancer to learn from at their convenience. Having these videos so early will give them the unique opportunity to pause, rewind, and repeat as many times as they need! We will also post videos of the combinations with music for your dancer to follow along with once they have the choreography down.

We know these videos will be a HUGE help to our dancers in their preparations!


Workshop Classes on Zoom June 17 & 18 After the dancers have had a few weeks (!!) to learn and review the combinations as many times as they need, they will have 2 days of workshop classes on Zoom. The purpose of these classes is to help them with any questions they may have and to give them ample time to review with each teacher!

Zoom Workshop Schedule: Click here

Live Auditions at DAC: June 22nd and 23rd Dancers will enter the studio in groups of 5 or less and will remain socially distant throughout their time at the studio. We will be providing our safety protocol and guidelines for in studio auditions. Here you will find your dancers audition time block based on their age group. You will receive your audition number and exact an audition check-in time to space out arrivals and exits no later than June 15th. You will also receive specific instructions and safety protocols at that time.


Audition Plan for Pre K - 1st graders: We have made the following adjustments to the audition format for our Pre K-1st grade dancers

● PreK- 1st grade dancers will be performing their tap, jazz, or whatever routines they have learned in the 2019- 2020 season. We will accomodate any dancer auditioning who does not have a routine. Dancers will also perform audition skills at the audition.

● A video demonstrating the audition skills will be shared on the audition band June 4th.

● Dancers will have a optional workshop on June 17 & 18 on Zoom to work on the skills needed for the audition.

● Dancers will audition in small groups of 4 dancers, in person, at DAC on June 23rd .

● One adult must accompany each dancer on audition day. Spaces will be marked on the studio floor to facilitate social distancing.

**Please note that while safety is our number one priority, we recognize that some families may have special circumstances or may not feel comfortable with their dancer coming into the studio by these dates. If this is the case, email Mollie directly at we will be happy to provide you with an alternative option. Registration open May 29th Audition Fees: (please note we have discounted the audition fees)


Anyone who had already registered for auditions will automatically be transferred over and refunded the difference to their account.