Judging Criteria

Now that you know exactly HOW the process will work, we thought it would be helpful to provide you with some insight into exactly WHAT the dancers will be evaluated on at their audition. This way, dancers know what they need to be focusing on and practicing in the weeks ahead.

Below you will find the general areas that dancers will be scored on in their audition, as well as a list of specific skills that each age group can expect to see in their audition combos. Happy Practicing!


1. Technique/Skill Execution

The fundamentals and basis of dance from holding your body correctly while performing, to executing skills properly in a routine.

Examples: Flexibility, Feet, Knees, Alignment, Transitions, Control, Clarity/Placement, Attention to Detail, Shoulders/Neck, Upper Body


2. Performance

The use of facials and body language to tell a story or evoke emotion from the audience that matches the tone of the music and choreography.

Examples: Facials, Personality, Confidence, Range of character, Authenticity, Commitment, Attack, Energy Level, Personal Style


3. Movement Quality/Coordination

The use of different gradations of energy to perform movement with dynamic quality. And the coordination of multiple aspects of the body to create cohesive and aesthetically pleasing shapes within movement.

Examples: Coordination (entire body working together), Use of Resistance, Continuity, Opposition, Use of Breath, Use of Plie, Texture/Shading, Musicality, Ability to pick up/remember choreography.

4. Classroom Etiquette

The energy, focus, and respect with which the dancer takes class.

Examples: Respect, Eagerness, Focus Level, Attitude, Energy Level, Engagement, Takes corrections, Attendance, Effort Level, Classroom Behavior